Wedding dress storage

Tips for storing your wedding dress


Delayed your wedding and have stored your wedding dress? Its time to give her an all round check.

Read on for tips on keeping your gown in tip top shape till your wedding day.

  • Is she hanging in a wardrobe shared with other apparel? separate asap!

Mould, odours and dust will all take its toll on the beauty of your fabrics and sparklers.

If you don’t have a dedicated wardrobe to hang your gown and prefer to hang over storing temporarily in a wedding dress box; then we recommend padding with acid free tissue paper; arms, inside bodice, between layers of skirt and draping white cotton sheets.


  • Acid Free white non-bleached paper is recommended. As time passes; your acid free tissue paper will become acidic this can adversely affect delicate materials, sequins, pearls and laces. Change the paper regularly.


  • Light can change the colour and tone of your gown over time. So if your wedding has been delayed by more than 6 months; make sure you can close the door to reduce light or if boxed; stored away from direct sunlight and heat.


  • Hanging in its original plastic gown bag? Get her out asap! She needs to breathe! See the above points to store her with confidence till your big day.


  • Its winter and time to get your gown into a dry room. Preferably with limited heating, reduced sunlight and with good air circulation. So if you can; open the door to the room at times and importantly check for unwanted guests! Insects love a cold damp dark room.


  • If your stored gown is a ‘pre-love’ and you’ve been holding out getting her professionally dry cleaned, then don’t wait another minute. Stains, sweat marks and scuffs can deepen with time. Room temperature and other environmental conditions can speed up this process of discolouration and permanent staining.

And lastly, if your gown has considerable weight with many layers and embellishments; find a spot in your home where you can lay your gown flat and implement the points as mentioned above and importantly keep your precious girl off the floor!

*gowns made from crepe and heavy lace should be laid flat.


Feel free to send us a message below if you need more advice.

xx Be well & keep safe xx

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