Steam press service for bridesmaids gowns

Four reasons why you may need your bridesmaids gowns pressed

1. You may have purchased their gowns online

2. Travelled to Melbourne for your ‘destination wedding’

3. Your bridesmaids gown material is made of light weight satin, silk or tulle

Its common to purchase gowns online. We find our customers who do not require alterations will feel nervous with pressing their own gown.

Bridesmaids gowns are often made of delicate organza, tulle or chiffon. Most of these materials that make up a bridesmaid gown contain precious silk. Their crease level will be mostly dependant on the amount of silk woven throughout and density of the gown.

However, each one has its own peculiarities that affect the way the fabric feels and looks.

bridesmaid dresses online need steaming
Steam press service for bridesmaids

We specialise in a large range of materials. Our experience comes with many years of gown steaming services.

Prepare your bridesmaids gowns for a ready to wear and hassle free wedding day.

If your girls need a refresh on your wedding day, then engage with our custom package and make your girls look as glorious as you during your reception entrance.