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Our Safety Standards – What to expect

Wedding services during times of the Coronavirus Pandemic require a set of meticulous and well thought safety measures. Our COVID-19 safety standards are guided by the Department of Health and the WHO organisation to ensure our clients are kept as safe as possible from this infectious disease.


Measures listed on this post are at minimum the cautious steps that will be taken for the foreseeable future.

Our team take great care to follow each and every step to not only safeguard their own health and well being but also their families, our valued customers and their loved ones.

We will be following best practice guidelines over and beyond what is expected by our governing health authorities. Rest assured we will not be arriving in a hazmat suit ! However, we will be using all reasonable PPE.

As we are also focused on the wider determined efforts of our community and work within the strict governed guidelines; we will reserve the right at anytime to refuse service. 

Such measures are in place to ensure our customers understand our currently implemented high standards of OH&S for our staff and importantly that you our customer and your family are kept as safe as possible.



Our Site Visit 

Prior to our service, you will be required to read and sign off on our declaration of service during COVID. This document will be provided prior via email and payment of deposit and again on the day of our visit. This document is crucial and we will reserve our right to refuse service if not signed.

Some items found in the document are as follows;

* You will be asked to answer 3 very important questions ie. have you experienced any COVID symptoms in the last 14 days, travel history and contact with anyone diagnosed with the virus.

* We ask you to agree that you will be the only person meeting our staff member at the door and that you are the only person in close proximity during our service.

* The declaration notes that our staff member will be wearing a face mask. We will provide a disposable surgical face mask and you will be required to wear it at all times. 

*This document also advises staff member will use hand sanitiser onsite and will then handle your gown with white cotton gloves.





 Your details will be kept for a minimum of 28 days to ensure our commitment to the Government Covid Contact tracing purposes. If requested, your full name, address and phone number will be handed over to the DHHS. We will need to see your current drivers licence or alternative ID to confirm name and address.

UPDATE 23rd June 2021

Melbourne restrictions are easing. As of midnight 24th June, there can be 15 visitors to your home which means our services can restart. We wish to remind that all COVID requirements will continue to be adhered to. For on site business locations such as reception centres, on the day wedding service; we will be required to adhere to person quota at that location, per government guidelines.  


UPDATE JULY 9th 2020

Please note in addition to the pre identified Melbourne ‘hot spot’ post codes, our wedding services will still be operating in these suburbs and throughout Melbourne metro as a service provider. All requirements as announced on the Governments Health and DHHS websites will be followed and strict rules will be in place to ensure safety of both client and our staff. An assessment will be made during consultation and prior to booking whether your service request can be delayed until we work through the Stage 3 lock down and/or if our strict rules can be implemented to ensure required levels of safely.



Government Health regulations in Victoria state that facemasks will not be required in all instances. As our services are performed in close proximity/ within your residence/hotel room; our staff will still be required to wear at minimum a surgical face mask. We ask for the number of people within your location to be kept to a minimum, preferably one person and must be wearing a face mask unless a doctors certificate is presented.


Its ok, we’ll get through this!

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