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Imagine this; you’ve planned your special day; whether it is your wedding day, your most important Debutante or a Gala event. Every moment of thought and energies are focused on ‘the day’.

Your look; sensational style and precious smile will be on show to so many guests and not to forget the importance of everlasting photos.

However your uncertain on how to make or keep your carefully chosen gown in perfect form all day. 

We have the experience, we have pressed many gowns over the years. Read on why its important to use professional services.

Delicate Fabrics and Laces

Chiffon, Georgette, Satin, Taffeta, Silk organza, crepe, jaquard are all made out of the precious Mulberry silk. Each are of differing weights & density, lustre and softness. All requiring a particular kind of care and thorough inspection.

Laces such as Guipure and Lyon and the most delicate Chantilly also require high consideration in gown care. See a summary of popular types of French lace listed below.




Chiffon is the lightest of natural fibres, its plain weave with larger gaps provide for its lightness and most often the go to fabric for event gowns. Chiffon has a romantic flair, a subtle sheen; a feminine feature of chiffon is its ability to stretch against the body.

Chiffon requires a gentle steam; as durable as chiffon may feel; this delicate fabric can shrink with moisture and steam if not done properly.

Silk Organza, a signature classic material used for its stunning drape effect in bridal gowns. Organza has transparency, volume & just the right amount of lustre. This fabric is less flowing than chiffon; it holds its structure and creates a volumetric effect and assists to form the design style perfect for a wide angled gown; particularly ball gowns and debutante dresses.

Silk Organza creases more easily due to its stiffness in comparison to other fabrics.

Silk Dupion or Doupioni is a plain weave silk with a crisp texture. You will identify it from its irregular inter-woven warped threads and textured appearance. A high-end quality material which tends to crease easily.

Shantung is also very similar to Silk Dupion; however more lightweight.

Satin is not a raw material but a mix of fibres such as nylon, polyester and silk. The word Satin actually refers to the weave. Its best to confirm with your gown provider what density of silk is used within the Satin; if any.

There are many types of Satins; Duchess, a double faced sateen named Lucent, Messaline a light soft weave normally made from silk or rayon and Panne a super high lustrous weave. Satin fabrics; due to their warped weave structure are more prone to snagging, though are a more versatile fabric with a flowing drape.

Tulle can be made from both synthetic and natural fibres. Tulle is a fine mesh netting most often used for veils and the most popular ballgown debutante dresses. Silk tulle is the most softest; the stiffest can be found in childrens tutus; having a higher density of nylon within its weave.

Tulle can be considered as the most delicate of fabrics. At times we have found a synthetic shimmer thread inter-woven throughout the tulle fabric; a most popular choice for bridal gown designers in 2019.

Medium weight tulle often used under the ballgown can crease easily and affect the roundness of a ball gown, its important for this reason to also refresh the tulle under the gown after a few hours of wear. Often all-tulle gowns contain 6 – 8 layers of tulle.



Laces can be woven from rayon, cotton, viscose and silk. Most often embellished with pearl, Swarovski and crystal beads. This could be considered as the most inspected part of the gown; we need to ensure that the right amount of heat is applied so that the lace does not change in shape nor welt under the steam. Extra caution is also taken with regard to the lustre of the beadwork.

Chantilly lace with its scalloped edges often have a botanical appeal that is sheer or semi-sheer in appearance. This lace is the most delicate of all.

Guipure is a Venetian style mostly made from cotton shows a heavier look and feel. Used mostly for a geometric appeal with a raised feel.

Lyon lace is a heavy set structure made from a corded threading, a heritage look that is a popular choice moving forward with many designers.


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