Gown steam press service during wedding day

Refresh your bridal gown mid-wedding

Our mid-wedding day custom packages will get you looking your very best for your evening dinner as newlyweds.

Meet your guests with a picture perfect gown, refreshed and as gorgeous as you had started your wedding day.

We meet you at your hotel or reception and steam fresh your gown whilst you relax with your bridesmaids.

Please ensure you book at minimum 6 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.


You’ve spent the day out at beautiful gardens, by fountains, amongst gorgeous landmarks.

You’ve been pick up & twirled around & creases are beginning to show.

Your gown has endured a workout, more than you could have imagined and now your left wondering whether your going to look as stunning during your first wedding dance as you had at the start of your day.

Whilst you relax with your bridesmaids before the evening celebrations, freshen your make-up, have a sip of champagne; our staff member will get to work.

Service takes approximately half an hour to steam your gown, focusing on the most prominent features.

Once we’re finished you’ll have a newly refreshed gown all ready for your evening; the most important reception videos & photos and grand entrance to meet your excited guests about to take many candid photos.


Gowns made from organza, tulle, satin & silk tend to crease in all the wrong places. We extend our services to your bridesmaids and flower girl.

After a long day spent by your side; posing for the camera and getting in and out of the car; your girls’ gowns could do with a refresh..

So why not have them slip into their robe, sip a cold beverage & touch up their makeup too while their gowns are freshened up as well.

We will need approximately a half hour for four gowns; its a brief service with amazing results, just ensure to book the bridal room at your event.

Gown refresh services at the reception centre.
Gown steam service for bride before first dance.
Bridal dress refresh steam service at reception